Episode #124 “Worms of Dictation”

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On this weeks Slash 2 Podcast, Fancy makes it back and essentially drinks himself into a slight coma. At one point he forgets hes doing a podcast and takes us all to pee pee land. *FLUSH* In other news the guy talk up the new Avengers movie *except Rustee* We celebrate the return of Pickles the Cat, Rustee gets a gift from a listener, we also take a jump into some SWTOR and Diablo 3 discussions. We all get grossed out by Turdhats scaly toes. And lets not forget the 30 minutes of WoW talk before the show even begins. By the end of the night Fancy is to drunk, Kormus is to stoned, and V just doesnt give a fuck and Rustee gives up.  Also lets hope Stitcher encodes this latest episode alittle better than the last one. All that and FUCK YOU V AND KORMUS, on this weeks /2 podcast!


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