Episode #119: “PINEAPPLE JUICE!”

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On this weeks episode of The Slash 2 Podcast, we are once again joined by Fancy to discuss real issues… or just bullshit. I wont spoil the surprise but we have a MYSTERY GUEST. You will shit bricks people. V makes a promise to let WOW hate rest (alittle). The guys discuss their 2nd heroic Soa kill and even present a video curousy of Cheeze. We do a quick recap on Episode 1 of Game of Thrones. The results of the Slash 2 NCAA bracket tourny are in, big congrats to Nonmail for winning, and thanks to everyone who participated! We have some fantastic emails, voicemails, and an itunes review this week, as Kormus prepares to drink the Koolaid and join V’s gambling brother. All that and much more on this weeks /2 podcast!

PS: Dont forget that next week, Friday the 13th is SUPAFAN!!!


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