Episode #118: “0 out of 5 Salmon”

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On this weeks episode of the Slash 2 Podcast; Kormus pulls out at the last minute ( lol ), so Fancy steps up to save the fucking day. We take a quick look at our week, including some SWTOR talk. We do a quick recap of Game of Thrones season 1, and spread the word about DrawSomething fun. Rustee shows his favorite new prize website, getshitter.com. And V has a great forum discussion topic for us this week. Dont forget the guys will be on Stopcast this Monday, nooben up the joint. One of the best things this episode is an awesome song about Rustee, from Ninthbatter. We take some calls live on the show, and have great emails and voicemails. All that and Fancy takes a piss, on this weeks /2 Podcast!


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