Episode #50-“SupaFan #3 Contingency Plan”

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On this weeks /2……ITS SUPAFAN DAY, what more can I really say? We were joined by a continually growing crowd and I believe at its fullest we had 16 people live on the show at one time. The Chatroom was rocken awesome and despite some technical difficulties toward the end, it was a terrific show. We update you on how the Horde 5 Man Reroll is going. We discuss our own attempts to free Gnomergon and Zalazanes fall. We take a hard look at Guild cohesion in the upcoming Cataclysm expansion and with it some neat bonuses like guild mounts, and how blizzard is taking a BC mentality for Cata when it comes to raiding and gearing up for those raids by utilizing NORMAL dungeons. (wow!). All of that along with an awesome song by Ninthbatter, and a contest where you can win a copy of Assassins Creed Brotherhood! (YEAH BABY!), on this weeks Slash 2 Podcast.


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